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2015 Summer Yards of the Month

Congratulations to you Yard of the Month winners!! The Yard of the Month program recognizes VOHL residents that contribute to the beauty of our neighborhood. Each month (May – September) four yards are selected. Winners receive a $25 gift card to Home Depot and the honor of a “Yard of the Month” sign placed in […]

AT&T Infrastructure Upgrade

AT&T will be upgrading their infrastructure in our neighborhood. The work is being performed on behalf of AT&T by contractors. (This work is NOT being done by the HOA.) The construction activities will involve the 10’ PUE (Public Utilities Easement) that is located across the front yard of all homes in the community.  The facilities will primarily […]

Pool Updates

Current pool notifications for residents: – The KOALA KARE stations have been installed in BOTH changing rooms at the pool as of today. – A new pool service company will start 8/1/15.

Lake Plugerville Park Meeting

On September 24 2008 Homeowners Residents and Officials of Villages of Hidden Lake met with City Officials Lauri GillamACM and Glen Holzer. This post has pictures from that event for resident viewing only. Please log in to view them.